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5/10/2014 - New Wix Photo Gallery

Check out our wix photo gallery! Photographs by Velvet Lyght.


2/8/2014 - Legends of Lyndal update.

I've uploaded page 3 of chapter 11.


9/14/2012 - Stories By CL at ArtPrize 2012!

Our lovely photographer, Velvet Lyght has submitted an entry for this year's ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI!

"Moon Over Michigan" consists of various photographs showcasing some of the moon's different phases. It also includes detailed closeups of the craters in different areas. The entry is hosted by the Women's City Club of Grand Rapids, and will be displayed in their gallery from September 19 - October 7.


9/3/2012 - New flash game

Unfortunately, there won't be an Exemeron update for this week, but I've added a new flash game to our playtime section!

This is the first game based on the Legends of Lyndal comic itself. It's a 2-D shooter featuring Kyjak. Check it out!


8/28/2012 - Exemeron Update

I added page 16 of Exemeron to the comics section.

Next page will go up next Monday.


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